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Russia Hardy 2014 Reel 

Starring: Russia Hardy, Ofer Fuchs, Tricia Lyn Scott, and Anthony Wemyss

Russia's current projects 

Lead in:

* Avalon dir. by  Gabe Figueroa

Abaddon dir. by Michael Sarna

The Finger (dark comedy) by David DeJohn

Bellydance Wushu Masters dir. by Britt Sheflin

Guest-star on the Tim & Eric Show

   dir. by Jon Krisel (producer/director of Portlandia)

Upcoming work: 

* Misfit Toys with Ilram Choi (directed by Dave DeJohn)

VACATION the movie by Terrell  Ferguson and James Rich.

Russia continues her study of Acting at: 

Antaeus Theatre Company's  Academy

Paul Currie Acting Work

* Bobbie Chance Expressions Unlimited Studios

Aquila Morong Studios